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How do I set up my device?


You can set up one of many devices or your PC or Mac using our guides.

Set up my device section

These will help you download and install the software you need and to login to Read Liverpool, and then download books and audiobooks.

Can I use a Kindle to download books?


The Kindle Fire and Kindle HD are compatible as they run on Android software  - please use the link below to see how.

 Set up my Kindle Fire/Kindle HD

Unfortunately, all other Kindles run on Amazon software that is incompatible with the services provided by Overdrive, our third party provider, at present.

What is OverDrive Read and how do I use it?


OverDrive Read is a new in-browser ebook reader.

It works just like any ebook reading app, except you don’t need to activate or install extra software.

Unfortunately only 50% of the books in Read Liverpool can be read using OverDrive Read as not all publishers have agreed to make their books compatible with this software. This may change in the future.