Where to find help setting up a device

Wednesday July 17, 2019

There are no plans to hold a drop-in workshop over the summer months.

If you need help to download audiobooks or eBooks or would like to be shown how to read newspapers and magazines online, please email one of the following members of staff who will arrange a suitable time for you to drop in to either Childwall Library or Norris Green Library:

These will not be drop in sessions so please arrange a suitable time and day with Pauline or Pat.

Please try to charge your device up before hand and have your log ins for the app store or Google play open if available on your device.  Please bring your library card with you or, if you don’t have one, some ID with your name and address, so you can join.

So if you have an iPad, smart phone, tablet, eReader and laptop or any other android device then bring them with you. Unfortunately Kindle eReaders are incompatible with libraries outside the USA (Kindle Fire range are fine).

N.B. This is for Read Liverpool eLibrary users only. It is not a general IT or device workshop.