October Read Liverpool Drop In

Tuesday October 17, 2017

The October Read Liverpool Drop In will be Tuesday 17th October, 2.30pm–4.30pm at Childwall Library.

This will be the final drop-in session

Bring your device along and friendly staff will help you get started.

You will be helped on a one-to-one basis and all you will need is your library card number and your device. 

Please try to charge your device up before hand and have your log ins for the app store or Google play open if available on your device.

So if you have an iPad, smart phone, tablet, eReader and laptop or any other android device then bring them with you. Unfortunately Kindle eReaders are incompatible with libraries outside the USA (Kindle Fire range are fine).

If you can't wait for help, then email readliverpool@liverpool.gov.uk

N.B. This is for Read Liverpool eLibrary users only. It is not a general IT or device workshop.