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Get set up to read magazines


Before using the Zinio app on your device you must use the following instructions to create a user account.

To download and read magazines you will need two accounts - one for the Read Liverpool magazine collection which is provided by RBDigital, and one for your Zinio account. You must use the same login email and password for both accounts.

To search the Read Liverpool magazine collection using the 'Get started' button below, you must first register your library card number via the 'Create New Account' link in the top right hand corner of the page (please leave out the LVP prefix). See Image 1.

You will then be prompted to enter a personal email and password at this stage. This is your RBDigital account. You can then browse the magazines in the library collections.

Once you select a magazine and see a 'Start reading' button there is one final step.

Clicking this button will bring up another login box. Please ignore this box and click on the link to ‘Create a Zinio account’ and fill out your email and password again. See Image 2.

You can then read the magazine on your desktop or device.

Get started


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Install software for magazines


To download magazines from Read Liverpool can use the free Zinio Reader app from the Google Play store. Search for 'Zinio Reader', tap ‘Free’ then install or use the link below.

Google play download

Follow the download prompts and install on your device.

Once the app has successfully downloaded you can find it in Apps/On Device.