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Get yourself an Adobe ID


You’ll need an Adobe ID to read ebooks from Read Liverpool. You may already have one if you have other Adobe software, such as Photoshop. You only need one  - it can be used across multiple devices.

Find my Adobe ID 

If you don’t already have an Adobe ID you can get one now. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Your ID is the email and password you enter – just keep a note of both once the process is complete.

Get an Adobe ID 

Set up for ebooks


To read ebooks on your eReader you will need you need to install software called Adobe Digital Editions on your PC, laptop or Mac.

Set up my Windows PC or laptop

Set up my Mac

Follow the download prompts and then install.

Once you have installed software on your computer and have downloaded your ebooks from your Read Liverpool account on to it, you can then transfer them on to your device.

Transfer ebooks from your computer


Connect your eReader to your computer with a USB lead.

Open the Adobe Digital Editions software. After a few seconds your eReader will appear in the list of devices on the left hand side.

If you have already downloaded books to your computer, you'll be able to see each book cover.

Highlight the book you want and drag it over to your eReader. It will then transfer across.

Disconnect your eReader from the computer and remove the USB lead.