enable screen-reader friendly features
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Settings that need to be checked


Your device needs to connnected to Wifi before you can install the software you need. You can do this in Settings/Device.

Register the device to the correct Amazon account. You can do this in Settings/My account. 

Install software for audiobooks


To download ebooks and audiobooks for Read Liverpool you need to install software call Overdrive Media Console.

Get the free Overdrive Media Console App from the Google Play store. Search for Overdrive, tap ‘Free’ then install or use the link below.

Google play download

Once the App has successfully downloaded you can find it in Apps/On Device.

Unable to download from the Google Play Store?

Download from the Overdrive website

Download audiobooks


Tap on the Overdrive Media Console app and search ‘Liverpool Library Information Service’ via the ‘Add a library’ facility.

Sign in using your library card and PIN number. Browse and download audiobooks.

Borrowed books will be in your Bookshelf. Select Synch if they are not there.