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How do I get an account?


You will need a Liverpool Library card and PIN.

Apply for a library card

How do I find my PIN?


If you know your liibrary card number and not your PIN, you can reset it.

Reset my PIN

Forgotten your password?


If you have your library card number and the email address you registered it to, we can reset your password for you.

Reset my password

Why am I getting an error message?


Invalid card?

If the error message reads:

Details: (2) Invalid Library Card: LVP111111111. Not a valid Liverpool Libraries and Information Service card.

Please leave out the letters LVP and just type in the numbers on your card.

Invalid account?

If the error message reads:

The specified account information is not valid. Details: (1)

Please use the link below to contact us with your library card number and the first part of your current address so that your library membership can be checked and, if necessary, updated.

Contact us

How do I transfer account details?


If you were issued a new Library card number and need to transfer your checkouts and holds to your new account, please use the Contact us button below.

Please include your new Library card number, old Library card number and current email address.

Contact us

How do I get an Adobe ID?


You’ll need an Adobe ID to read ebooks from Read Liverpool. You may already have one if you have other Adobe software, such as Photoshop. You only need one - it can be used across multiple devices.

Find my Adobe ID 

If you don’t already have an Adobe ID you can get one now. It’s free and only take a few  minutes. Your ID is the email and password you enter – just keep a note of both once the process is complete.

Get an Adobe ID